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  • Always a treat to spend time with enjoyable host Pete Hendrix—SCORE on Business Nashville









Stephanie Huffman, CEO of Epiphany Creative Services was a special guest on

  • Ideashares Radio w/ Host Les Stouder talking about the 4 cylinders of marketing. 9/4/16. Click on the grey box below!

(FYI: Stephanie’s interview starts about 10:30 minutes into the recording.)








  • SCORE on Business Nashville w/ delightful host Pete Hendrix



  • 2/12/16

  • 7/16/14


  • 10/6/14


  • Impact You as a part of their Leadership Podcast Series. Here, Stephanie talks about how Epiphany assists entrepreneurs,  startups and small businesses in getting up and running with social media, marketing and branding.

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You can’t be an expert in everything. That’s why Epiphany wants to come alongside you and assist in taking your idea or business to the next level.   Our tagline is “Helping you find your “aha moment” – when the proverbial light bulb comes on in your mind.   It’s that moment when momentum builds and the pieces begin to fit together in your business strategy.  Our services provide some great parallels for entrepreneurs and business owners of all types.  Successful leaders help employees find their aha moment at work.  When this happens, magic occurs.

A few key points include:

  • The right questions help businesses fine-tune their message.
  • Reach your audience when they are ready to absorb your messages.
  • Billboard Philosophy: How to keep your company in front of customers.
  • Social media is the new language today – find the right voice to stay in front of your customer.
  • Are you in need of finding your “aha” moment? Hear one client’s story.
  • Social media effectiveness  – of all the tools at your arsenal, find the way your customer hears you, then train them to hear from you on a regular basis.








Find Stephanie at stephanie@your-epiphany.com