Audacious Goals

This month we welcome Norma Shirk with a guest article on dreaming big! Norma helps employers create human resources policies that are appropriate for the employer’s size and budget. The goal is to have structure without bureaucracy.  Learn more about her company, Corporate Compliance Risk Advisor. (More at the end of her blog!)


Audacious Goals

Have you ever tried to set big audacious goals for yourself or your business? Recently, a business group I’m in challenged each member to set such goals. It sounded easy until I started thinking about it.

When I started my business four years ago I had lots of goals. Making buckets of money was the biggest one. Of course, who would ever start a business with the stupid goal of losing money? But statistically most new businesses fail within five years because they lack the financial ability to keep the doors open until sales are sufficient to sustain the business.

To beat the odds, new business owners become very busy with the daily grind of running the business and figuring out how to make money and they forget about big goals. For example, I worked on refining the list of consulting services that I offer, expanding my network of contacts, and experimenting with fee arrangements. I forgot all about big goals; I just wanted to keep the doors open.

When I was challenged by my business group to create a new set of audacious goals, it was actually quite helpful. I already knew that my original business goals were outdated. The challenge forced me to step away from the daily grind and think about what I now want for my business (and my life).

So how do you set big audacious goals? Here are tips from my business group.

  1. Dream BIG. Ask yourself: what would I do if I had the time and money to do anything I wanted? Once you have your big dream, you’ll be able to design a plan to achieve your goals.
  2. Your goals should be so big that you need at least six months, preferably a year, to achieve each of them.
  3. To accomplish your goals, you will also need the help of others whether it is friends, family, business associates or customers.

I’m still working on my big audacious goals. My initial efforts were underwhelming to the other members of the business group and I’ve now been given a new goal by the group – to set more ambitious, audacious goals.

– Norma

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