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You CAN write that book and get it published. NOW!

We'll show you how to get your book written and published, not later— but now!

  • You can get your book in print and on Kindle quickly and easily!
  • Learn the difference between traditional commercial publishing and Independent/Self-Publishing—and which one is best for YOU!
  • Trouble getting started? No problem. We'll walk you through how to begin writing that book!

Here are just a few of the authors and their books that we have worked with...

"This book is as much yours as mine. Couldn't have done it without you! My eternal thanks! "
- Astronaut Rhea Seddon, Go for Orbit (astronautrheaseddon.com)

"Many thanks for your work on this!"
- Patrick Ross - past president, B.F. Goodrich Tire Company

"Stephanie has brought something to the table that no one else has so far: she’s reduced my heartburn. She has provided me with a sensible and realistic road map on several fronts. I would not be where I am in regards to publishing my books without her. She’s someone you should know."


Stew Ross, Founder – Southeast Business Forums and author of The Mindset of Networking. (www.stewross.com)

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How to Write a Blog...that people will actually read!

Whether you have already written your book, or just starting.
You need to be blogging. Why?

  • Test out your content now with future readers.
  • Get your thoughts and ideas in writing and out to the world.(While you do you are protecting and copyrighting your material via your blog!)
  • Get the feedback and ideas from readers that you may have not yet thought about or need!

About Stephanie

Stephanie Huffman brings over 20 years of marketing and publishing experience to clients she serves. She began Epiphany in 2013 as the result of a need she began to sense among the small businessman, the start up, and the entrepreneur. Those with projects or ideas needing assistance, moving them to the next level, became of main concern. Companies she has worked with include: LifeWay Christian Resources and Broadman & Holman, where she worked with a myriad of nationally known authors such as Oliver North, Jennifer O’Neill, Beth Moore and others. Stephanie also has experience in the licensing world where she called upon accounts in New York and Washington D.C., some of which included Crossing Books, Harper Collins, Guideposts and Regnery to name a few. You can contact her at stephanie@your-epiphany.com.

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