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One of the things an author needs, and desires, is a professional looking product. In this Golden Age of Self-Publishing…it’s doable! If you know the formula. And we do…

At Epiphany, we offer authors the Independent publishing experience that comes with our team’s guidance and finesse’ giving you a product that looks like something right out of a New York publishing house.

Services include:

  • Writing, editing and proof reading services
  • Titling sessions
  • Cover and Interior Design
  • Purchasing of ISBN and bar code and setting up of author account.
  • Setting up author with their own publishing company, their own logo and more.
  • Custom or Print on Demand (POD)  printing
  • Book Promotion
  • Social Media, Email Marketing, and Blogging set up
  • Setting up of Amazon and B&N accounts
  • Fulfillment & Distribution services and alternate options
  • eBook conversion
  • and more!

Epiphany Family Proud!

Meet a few of our authors and the books that we have had the privilege of helping them bring to life!


A Different Life


What’s it like to grow up as a small town, Southern girl and marry a rockstar then discover you’ll have to share the love of your life with the road, the band, and his fans?

screen-shot-2016-10-29-at-2-54-10-pmIn this, her debut book project, A Different Life*, Rhonda Gayle Nelson, (wife of lead-singer/bass player Wayne Nelson of famed Little River Band) pulls back the curtain on celebrity life while offering readers the chance to experience stories not told before, enjoy recipes she, her husband and some of the band members enjoy and just chat it up about all things pertaining to life on the road and things in between.

*from the song: There’s a Bus Leaving…       Retail Price: $40 click here to order!





Go For Orbit won Gold in the 2016 Ben Franklin awards presented by the Independent Book Publishing Association.

Go For Orbit—proud Gold winner in the 2016 Ben Franklin awards presented by the Independent Book Publishing Association. (Autobiography/Memoir Category)

Click here to see Book Trailer Video clip!


Go For Orbit by Astronaut Rhea Seddon


Astronaut Rhea Seddon

From small-town southern girl to space traveller, Rhea Seddon experienced a life that was on a trajectory of its own from an early age. Now in print, her memoir, filled with color photos, inside stories of life with NASA and more, is a 476-page, full-color throughout, elegant hardbound edition that doesn’t disappoint. Let this story of one American woman’s personal journey inspire you to reach amazing heights of your own. [excerpt] Fellow Astronaut Story Musgrave described it as a butterfly bolted to a bullet. The Shuttle itself had a beautiful grace about it as it glistened in the brightness of the huge Xenon lights. It had wings and round plump edges. The monstrous fuel tank and boosters looked plain, almost brutish, hiding so many millions of pounds of explosive materials. “We dare you to come closer, deary!” they whispered. [More here!]

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Click here to see video recap of Lockeland’s VIP Book Release Party!

final.Final.Final.LTCoverDining at Lockeland Table in East Nashville, is nothing short of a warm and lovely culinary experience. Co-owned by Greenbrier trained Chef Hal M. Holden-Bache and Cara Graham, Lockeland Table has managed to not only capture the imagination of the community they reside in, but the hearts of those who dine there as well. Committed to sourcing locally, investing in their own neighborhood and always supportive of Nashville events, Lockeland has become a must-eat-at location.

Walk through each section of the restaurant in this beautifully crafted book, that shares heart-warming stories, tips, and more. Stunning images abound (over 240!) provided by none other than award-winning photographer Ron Manville and  80+ recipes await you.   A must for any kitchen or culinarian, we promise!

2 Options to Choose From…



Forgotten Ornament2


Ollie the ornament is on a mission to hang on his family’s Christmas tree after being stuck at the bottom of the ornament box for ten years—but there’s just one thing holding him back. As an old, worn-out ornament himself, he wonders, “Is being shiny and new the most important thing when it comes to Christmas ornaments?”

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$16.99 Hardcover

Also Available

Rooster's Balloon by Courtney P. AllenRooster’s Balloon:
A child’s journey from grief to hope
is a 40 page children’s hardcover book that shares one
little girl’s story of grief turned into a story of hope when she begins to trust in the God that loves her.Written by Courtney P. Allen and illustrations by Patricia Calderon, readers will watch as Rooster comes to understand that hope lives right around the corner from sadness and anger.Sometimes we just need God to help us find it.
Courtney's Self-Pub logo!










Past president of B.F.Goodrich Pat Ross presented these four key speeches in the mid-late 1970s. Found eerily applicable today, Mr. Ross sounds the alarm with a call to action concerning our government’s increasing encroachment on American citizen’ s lives and gradual loss of our personal liberties.

Four contemporaries respond individually to each speech in this collection of political, economic and social commentary. This quick, easy-read will provide plenty of discussion points for those poignant conversations with friends, family and business partners. [More here!]

I See Paris, I See France...

I See Paris, I See France…

Stew Ross

Stew Ross

Planning to go to Paris? Not sure what to do in the short time you’re visiting there? No worries. This amazing compilation of tips, facts and more shares exactly what to do and where to go. It even features tidbits only the locals know-and a few they don’t! Beautifully illustrated by Japanese artist Katsuaki Sato. Download your Kindle version copy today and you’re ready for the City of Lights.  [More books from Stew here!]




The OC Equation


Executive Headshot 2013

Cindy Beresh-Bryant, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, MHRD, RCC


What’s The Secret Formula for Making Employees Fall in Love with Your Company? It’s all in the Equation. The OC Equation.


 “Cindy gets it exactly right with The OC Equation™. Just understanding these concepts not only will assist an HR professional internally but will assist in your talent management pool as well.”~ Stacy Adams, MHRM, – Human Resources Manager, Nissan Trading

The OC Equation



Here Today, Hired Tomorrow.

Here Today, Hired Tomorrow.

Author Kurt Kirton

Author Kurt Kirton

Have you recently lost your job or graduated from college and really don’t know where to begin? Are you getting the interviews you want at your target companies? Most likely, the answer is a frustrating “no.” In today’s world, competition for the best jobs remains fierce, and without a system to organize your efforts, a job search can deteriorate into a job journey. That’s where Here Today, Hired Tomorrow comes into play. This step-by-step guide is designed to help you build a job search action plan, teach you how to break through to insiders at your target companies, and streamline your efforts using scripts, templates, and quick lists. Fast track your job search, and land the job you want with Here Today, Hired Tomorrow.

Print with SelfPublishing, Inc. Over 5 MILLION books in print!

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