Have You Checked Your Digital Footprint Lately?

How Often Do You Google…You?

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What does your digital footprint say about you?

Do you ever google yourself? Or your business? If you do, what you will see when you receive your results is what we refer to as your “digital footprint.” Sometimes, in today’s world, what rises to the top might be a bit surprising—if not shocking.  

A few years ago while driving up I-65, my phone rang. When I answered, the person on the other end said, “I was told to call you. I’m, uh, in a bit of a situation.”

Basically, this high powered individual had found themselves in a precarious situation in another state. But, with the internet the way it is, should anyone have googled their name, some very unflattering information would have most likely risen to the top.  They were reaching out to us to “remedy quickly” the dire situation.

I recall another individual who came to us, who was experiencing some very negative images and content that floated to the top in their search. Though this person was looking to move into the motivational speaking and the author world, we were concerned. You see, folks these days give you about three seconds of their time before they judge you. And once they google you, what they see is their first impression of you. And we all know about the power of first impressions.

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Google your name and business and see!

You Won’t Believe What We Found!

In this case, sadly, the person who wished to move into the speaking/author world would require a pretty steep investment in some much-needed content control in order to present a quick, and initial, positive first look. It’s amazing what will shut a buyer down. But something negative on the internet will, sadly, be the one thing that sticks with them — and they usually don’t give you a second chance.

No, it’s not fair, but it’s human nature. Though we like and enjoy our job, that’s something we just can’t contractually change for you, no matter what the investment.

So what’s a person to do? Well, it’s simple. A full and in-depth audit of your digital footprint by a professional can drum up some things you may not have realized are even out there. There might be data you have not as yet seen or found yourself. When properly executed, the task requires a bit of snazzy fielding of information and a few software programs at times, with the final report sometimes proving stunning.

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Don’t forget to invest in you

If you are looking to improve your brand or take it to the next level, a Digital Footprint Audit would be something of which we sincerely suggest you invest. Once you have that data in good hands, the rest is pretty easy. Depending on what is found, the next steps do not have to necessarily be pricey. One thing is for certain, at that point, your marketing and branding strategy will have laser focused all the more and that’s a very good thing regardless of the findings.

With that, happy googling, and if you find something you’d like to “address” shall we say, just let us know. We’re happy to start moving you in the right direction.

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