Social Media: Is It for You?


Which Channel Should You Invest In?

“Where and how should I spend money on Social Media?”

That’s the leading question so many business owners ask when we chat about this topic. That question quickly helps me understand where that person, and their business, is at, in regards to the mysterious Online Marketing world.

The Internet, and its associated universes, are such crazy, ever-changing environments. They can frustrate even the most seasoned professional. So, I never blame the inquiring mind for not understanding, or for feeling a bit fearful of what we at Epiphany lovingly refer to as “The Black Hole”.

So how do we answer the prospective client? Here are a few things we do like to tell entrepreneurs or the small business owner when they come a calling:

1. Social Media: That really means things like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Vine, and more.

– Do you have to be there? Well, no, you don’t have to be anywhere. However, if your core customer is found with a penchant for one of these (what we refer to as “Channels”) then yes, you need to be there. If you aren’t, your competition is, or will be soon.


2. Advertising: You can spend your money and advertise on most Social Media channels. They not only want your money, they are finding clever ways to woo you in and grab it. Be careful. Don’t react to their “Sale ends soon” tactics. Have coffee with or call a professional first, before you jump.


3. Metrics: If you don’t have a way to measure your presence on Social Media think again. Ask whomever you choose to work with these questions, before you commit to anything:

– “Will you provide metrics reports?”

– “Can you help me target my core (or preferred) client?”

That’s a pretty quick and basic run down. However, to get you started, and to help you feel like you can speak a little of the lingo without feeling too overwhelmed, we hope this short blog has been a bit of assistance.

Naturally, if you have questions or needs, we, the team at Epiphany, would love to assist. Give us a call. We always welcome a cup of coffee with you. And hey, it’s on us…so why not take us up on the offer.

Wishing you all a lovely September.


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