What’s The State of Your Company?

Did someone say, Bocce Ball?


Team Epiphany’s Mini-Retreat

July was a special month for Epiphany. Not only did Epiphany Creative Services celebrate a birthday, we had our team retreat.

Teammate Heather even flew in from Denver with only 10 more weeks to go until she becomes a mother—for a second time. YAY Heather, and thank you again so very much.

The girls kicked off Friday night powering through the intense summer heat with some rounds of Bocce Ball at Coco’s Italian Market over on the West End. They then gathered again on Saturday morning for a time of review which covered, the history of the company, current strategy, vision, and more.

When it comes to your company, have you taken time to step away from the office with those who help you in the day to day world—to take a quick look at where you’ve come from, where you’re at, and where you’re going?

You may not feel you have the time. And that may well be true. You may not have the resources to really “do it up right”. However, the more time that passes before you make something happen is just that—more time that passes and nothing happening in this area.

So, here’s  a few tips on what you can do.

1. Schedule a time now that works for you. About 2-3 months out is best. Send out your information to simply ask your team to hold those dates and times.

2. Plan a Friday evening event and a Saturday morning meeting—if doable for your team.

3. Do something fun on the Friday evening, even if only meeting at a restaurant. If you want to include spouses and families…do it! There are no rules.

4. On the morning of your meeting, have some bagels and coffee and some fruit. You don’t need to go all out.

5. Here are some areas you’ll want to cover:

  • The history of your company and your involvement.
  • Review of your brand manual and/or employee handbook, or simply your policies and protocols. (If you don’t have them in writing, this is a great time to even get them into bullet points and present them for discussion.
  • Your current client or customer base and your strategy for maintaining them and acquiring new or potential clients.
  • Vision Casting: You will want to cast the vision to your team of where you’d like the company to go for the rest of the year or the following few quarters.
  • Brain storming session: Allow your team to help brain storm a potential issue you need to address or resolve. Ask for their input. Perhaps discuss that new or upcoming project or client.

And it’s that simple.

Don’t over analyze, or you’ll never do it.

Just get it on the books, get something on paper, present it and have fun.

You’ll be glad you did!

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