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Or you might be more ready than you think…

When I saw his advertisement come across my phone notification, I was perplexed. He was an entrepreneur, looking to pay a very handsome salary for one person to handle his projects. Interesting.

I reached out to him and said, “Instead of one person for that amount, would you consider a team?”

He couldn’t quite process what I was suggesting. Basically, it was this: while he was looking for someone to manage his projects and do all things needed, finding that one-size-fits-all person might be tough. I mentioned that we could:

  • manage his projects
  • organize his content, images, and materials
  • schedule and hold to deadlines
  • handle all of his social media, email marketing and website
  • design all of his marketing collateral and manage the printing process
  • help him publish his next ebook and more…

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No vacation time, FMLA, 401k, or W2 taxes to worry about. Our team would do for the same price what he was offering annually, that no ONE person could possibly offer.

Then on the flipside, there was Kyle. He wanted a team but wasn’t interested in the team price. He couldn’t understand why we wouldn’t come in at a lower level. I explained that perhaps what he was really looking for was a freelancer. Who, at an hourly rate, could work the hours he wanted, do what he wanted, when he wanted for about $20 per. (But he didn’t want to spend more than $100 a week.) Interestingly, the project he was wanting to price out would actually require about 6 hours of team time weekly to properly execute. (Imagine what that would take the individual!)

Are you seeing the point here? Some folks are willing to shell out a nice salary for a single individual, expecting them to keep up with this fast-paced world, meeting their ever-changing needs, let alone staying up on the daily changes in technology. That’s a lot to ask of one person.

Meanwhile, another customer wants the exact same thing but at a very low, hourly-budget price. When they do find that one person, they slowly come to realize that freelancer may not exactly have all of the skills necessary to pull off all of the preferred needs or demands. That’s not unusual or uncommon. Finding jack of all trades ready to master all, is quite a find!  I have met a few in my day…but mind you…just a few.

Interestingly, when you break it down, you can actually have a team for the price of one. It’s all in how you break it down.

  • Experienced/skilled team members
  • Software systems
  • Custom design
  • Project management systems
  • Proven systems and processes
  • Assurance of deadlines met

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That’s what you receive when you invest in a team. Our team for example. But maybe your budget is best suited to a freelancer? And that’s just fine too! Just know what you’re looking for and go after it!

As you venture into 2019 and assess your needs, goals, and dreams, if you’re ready for a team who wants nothing more than to partner with you and help you take your vision and brand to the next level? We’d be honored to be your go-to service provider of choice.

I hope you’ll reach out to us today. We are more than happy to field any questions you might have, and hey, we’ll even treat you to a cup of coffee!

Wishing you a lovely week.



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