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One of the things an author or a small business owner needs, and desires, is a professional looking product or company that is strategic and is moving towards success.


For the Author 

In this Golden Age of Self-Publishing… it’s doable! If you know the formula. And we do.

At Epiphany U, we offer authors the independent publishing experience that comes with our team’s guidance and finesse’ giving you a product that looks like something right out of a New York publishing house.

Services include:

  • Writing, editing and proofreading services
  • Titling sessions
  • Cover and Interior Design
  • Purchasing of ISBN and barcode and setting up of author account.
  • Setting up the author with their own publishing company, their own logo and more.
  • Custom or Print on Demand (POD)  printing
  • Book Promotion
  • Social Media, Email Marketing, and Blogging set up
  • Setting up of Amazon and B&N accounts
  • Fulfillment & Distribution services and alternate options
  • eBook conversion
  • and more!

For the Organization or Business

Our curriculum comes in the form of one-on-one, in-person sessions. Here are a few of the courses we offer:

The Ground Floor 101
Should you? Shouldn’t you? Is it time yet? Your first venture into business doesn’t have to be scary. This course walks you step by step through the various stages of what it will take to create and build the services and/or product offerings that you will need in order to convert to sale and turn a profit.

The Second Level 101
In this session, we’ll brainstorm the proper business name that fits the services and products you will be selling. We’ll begin working on an appropriate tagline that fits your name, begin crafting your elevator speech. Secure domain name(s) and/or social media accounts.

Office 101
In this session, we’ll work through the checklist of what you will need to properly set you up for business and what you’ll need to prepare in regards to your back office. A little understanding and planning in this area will save you countless hours and money when it comes to invoicing, money collection, tax organization and prep, client reports or reviews, how and when to invoice and more!

Business 101
We’ll take a look at the master list of licenses and taxes you can expect to obtain or receive and how to prepare and plan for those expenses. Then, we’ll begin to review contracts, proposals, and RFPs and begin to build out how your contract should look and what language you will want to include, all the while making sure your contract properly represents your industry and your brand.

The Business Plan 101
We will cover how to properly create a business plan and talk about your financial strategy, etc. for making your dreams come true.

The Business Plan 102
Now that you’ve gathered the data needed for a comprehensive Business Plan, let’s put the components into a readable, savvy Plan that will keep you on track and moving forward.

Business 201 Courses

Promotion 101
The strategy you create should begin before you hang your shingle up for business. We’ll walk you through our formula of how to begin promoting your product or services while crafting a top of mind presence that will keep you in front of your potential customers.

Understanding How to Present Your Brand and Your Messaging
We’ll help you create a branding guide and style manual that will be utilized across the board in all of your marketing channels. In addition, we will craft the descriptions for all of those channels keeping your business on target and on message with the goal of reaching your ideal client.

Upgrading your brand
We’ll take a look together at all of your online presence, your marketing collateral and any element of your brand that exists. During this class we will determine what items are out of date or no longer relevant to your business model. Taking your brand to the next level will be key in growing and honing your business.

Creating Your Customized Strategic Marketing and Promotional Plan
In this session. we will teach you how to set up strategic content calendars that will help you build and guide your ongoing marketing plan.

Locating and securing your ideal client
When we start out in business we usually find ourselves accepting clients and offering services that a year or two down the road we discover may not have been the best choices. There is no better time than the present to begin wooing and contracting the type of client you want to and should be working with in addition to the types of services you truly should be and want to offer


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