Client Testimonials

Stephanie’s firm is consistent, proactive, creative and upbeat, is directly focused on client needs, expectations and vision and her team possesses and shares excellent skills in connectivity and communications. Epiphany is performance-based, results driven and ever ready, in my judgment.— George H. Armistead, Answers by Armistead, LLC


Prior to working with ECS I couldn’t promote my brand and my business was quite chaotic, lacking focus. Now I look around at an organized library and plan for all my books!
– B.Warner; Author


This book would not have happened without your help!
 Astronaut and Author – Dr. Rhea Seddon. Video Clip here!


Thank you for creating a book that was so true to us and without flaw. We couldn’t have done it without you…

Cara Graham, Co-Owner Lockeland Table See VIP Book Release Party video here!


Branding, Email Marketing, Overall Social Media & Strategy
With your help, I was able to establish my unique brand, identify my ideal target client and improve the quality of my customer base! I can’t thank you enough!
– Norma Shirk; Owner; HR Compliance Risk Advisor

I always meet young people and they talk above me. Light years ahead of me and going at a much faster rate than I am ready to dive in. I am ready to do this I just don’t know exactly what this is. I am willing to learn it and be a part of it. You bring the young team in that I need, but you were able to explain and help me understand. – Sarah Beth Warne; Owner, Aging in Place Transition Services

Stephanie has brought something to the table that no one else has so far: she’s reduced my heartburn. She has provided me with a sensible and realistic road map on several fronts. She’s someone you should know. – Stew Ross, Founder – Southeast Business Forums and author of The Mindset of Networking.

melanie testimonials  I was spread too thin trying to build and run a small business. [ECS] helped me pinpoint some goals & focus my time. With a few tips and tricks, I am saving time, growing my business, and enjoying my work! – Melanie Joye Pherson, Melanie Joye LMT


Marketing Pieces

janet king ferguson testimonials We are thrilled with the finished [brochure]. Love working with you and excited about the next steps! – Janet King Ferguson, (COO) Gryphon Financial Capital Group, LLC.


Blogs for Clients

You’ve got me on a process now so that I feel like I am able to get on the bike and ride. I don’t feel so Hari-Kari. – Ruth Smith


katheryn testimonialStephanie really captured the essence of what Kairos is trying to do [in the article she wrote for us]… I am thinking I would love to frame and hang in my office and the Kairos volunteer space and share nationally with our volunteers. – Katheryn M. Pennington, Co-Founder, Kairos 10 Jewelry International


Photo Shoots

You did a fabulous job keeping everybody going and keeping things organized. It is obvious you are very good at what you do. I enjoyed meeting you thanks again.—Chris



I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but your ability to manage client expectations is really exceptional. It’s one of the things that makes being a part of your team so enjoyable! — The Split Pixel

If anyone needs some outstanding consulting services for their small business, I highly, HIGHLY recommend Stephanie Huffman at Epiphany! She’s absolutely fantastic to work with! … get to know her! – Matthew Skar, Cobalt Graphic Design.