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I’ll do my best to make this the last testimonial you’ll read about Epiphany. There are marketing, publicity, and branding firms, then there is Epiphany. Epiphany gets into your brand-building process like it’s their brand. The product and deliverables somehow seem to shock me every time. I should have learned by now that they NAIL IT every time! They listen to you, they learn who you are, then they celebrate with you. They get stuff done and they have fun doing it. These are the calls and the meetings I look forward to; and when you work with Epiphany, so will you.
— Jared Hamilton, Hamilton Executive Coaching, Houston, TX


Y’all are priceless. You are the professionals I called – and the rest is history. You’re the best! 
— Astronaut Rhea Seddon


Stephanie at Epiphany has completely changed the course of my business. Not only has her welcoming demeanor allowed me to feel confident in my own abilities, she has given me the direction that I didn’t even know my business could go. In a very short time our meetings have been efficient, directive and have allowed for financial growth. Thank goodness that Stephanie came into my circle as part of my business team!

— Sherri Holzer (Author, Speaker, and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach), Nashville, TN


You are such a gem! The information [in the Epiphany 101 session] was so enlightening and I feel so much more prepared for the journey ahead. My shoulders have been successfully removed from my ears. It is a real comfort knowing you are there to be my book sherpa once I am ready to move forward. I appreciate you and the commitment you make to your clients. You are a real gift to aspiring authors.
—Evonne, R. Author, Memphis, TN


Epiphany Creative Services helped me go to the next level digitally. They are an incredible team of hardworking marketing professionals who know the right questions and directives for your business or writing venture. Can’t recommend their services enough! 

—Heather, S, Aurora, CO


I am so excited to see it all come together. I am so happy right now. I finished the Author’s page on Amazon and I honestly cannot believe it’s really happening… I just never thought anything I dreamed as a child would ever be possible as an adult. But it is!
Vernon Sherden, Nashville, TN


Stephanie has an uplifting and caring approach, which makes it easier to learn. The information and discussion were enlightening and I feel I understand publishing much better – clearly, self-publishing is the right approach for me! I quickly developed a sense of trust with Stephanie and Epiphany Creative Services, and as I progress on my new career journey in writing, speaking, and coaching – Epiphany will be my first go-to for help and support.”

Mark Russell, Author/Speaker, Lakeland, FL


Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation is proud to partner with ECS. Their willingness to bring our ideas to life enrich our mission and vision to our supporters, benefits and fundraising initiatives.  We are grateful to have this creative, mindful and heartfelt agency working alongside us. 

—Karri Morgan, Executive Director, Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation


Stephanie and her team, in my opinion, are New York ready. Call her.

Jennifer O’Neill, Actress, Model and Author, Founder of Hope & Healing at Hillenglade


Stephanie is a long-term friend at ANI. I respect her as a business professional and know she can do amazing things for her clients. Charged with revamping Advanced Neurosciences Institute branding, recharging NeuroNexus (the 501C3), and promoting my brand, we appreciate her partnership in these projects and more. There are far too many projects for us to complete without the support that Stephanie and the ECS team provide.

—Samuel F. Hunter, MD, PhD, Advanced Neurosciences Institute (ANI) / Neuro Nexus


Epiphany U has transformed my personal and professional growth. Walking through this experience with Stephanie has elevated my understanding of conducting marketing research, business strategy, and steps to jump-start a business. Stephanie has been a huge part of my success and growth!

—Lindsay Attaway


Prior to working with ECS, I couldn’t promote my brand and my business was quite chaotic, lacking focus. Now I look around at an organized library and plan for all my books! My spring Europe tour was a success as well. My dream has come true. I am achieving my goals. And we can even pay our bills! We learned so much from you and are so grateful.
—Dr. B. Warner, Author


This book would not have happened without your help!
—Dr. Rhea Seddon, Astronaut & Author – Video Clip here!


Thank you for creating a book that was so true to us and without flaw. We couldn’t have done it without you…

—Cara Graham, Co-Owner Lockeland Table – See VIP Book Release Party video here!


Branding, Email Marketing, Overall Social Media & Strategy

With your help, I was able to establish my unique brand, identify my ideal target client and improve the quality of my customer base! I can’t thank you enough!

—Norma Shirk, Owner – HR Compliance Risk Advisor


Working with Epiphany Creative Services at a time when we didn’t have the resources, time, or skills enabled us to build a new apparel brand from the ground up. This included all forms of social media branding – including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email advertising, blogging, and the tracking necessary to see the reaction and successes of each. There was also the creation of print ads, photo shoots, videos, etc, along with professional press releases and magazine submissions that garnered national attention. It also included managing a timing-action schedule, which enabled us to stay focused and on track with our scheduling and objectives. This was all accomplished at a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time people and using the best talent available to focus on the job at hand. Without the dedication and professional expertise of Stephanie and her Epiphany team, we simply would not have been able to realize the success of what we were able to achieve.

Kenny Markanich, CEO – Capital Sportsman


I always meet young people and they talk above me. Light years ahead of me and going at a much faster rate than I am ready to dive in. I am ready to do this I just don’t know exactly what this is. I am willing to learn it and be a part of it. You bring the young team in that I need, but you were able to explain and help me understand.

—Sarah Beth Warne, Owner – Aging in Place Transition Services


Stephanie has brought something to the table that no one else has so far: she’s reduced my heartburn. She has provided me with a sensible and realistic roadmap on several fronts. She’s someone you should know.

—Stew Ross, Founder – Southeast Business Forums and author of The Mindset of Networking.


I was spread too thin trying to build and run a small business. [ECS] helped me pinpoint some goals & focus my time. With a few tips and tricks, I am saving time, growing my business, and enjoying my work!

—Melanie Pherson, Owner – Melanie Joye LMT


Marketing Pieces

 We are thrilled with the finished [brochure]. Love working with you and excited about the next steps!

Janet King Ferguson, COO – Gryphon Financial Capital Group, LLC.


Blogs for Clients

You’ve got me on a process now so that I feel like I am able to get on the bike and ride. I don’t feel so Hari-kari.

Ruth Smith


katheryn testimonialStephanie really captured the essence of what Kairos is trying to do [in the article she wrote for us]… I am thinking I would love to frame and hang in my office and the Kairos volunteer space and share nationally with our volunteers.

—Katheryn M. Pennington, Co-Founder – Kairos 10 Jewelry International


Photo Shoots

You did a fabulous job keeping everybody going and keeping things organized. It is obvious you are very good at what you do. I enjoyed meeting you, thanks again!




I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but your ability to manage client expectations is really exceptional. It’s one of the things that makes being a part of your team so enjoyable!

—The Split Pixel


If anyone needs some outstanding consulting services for their small business, I highly, HIGHLY recommend Stephanie Huffman at Epiphany! She’s absolutely fantastic to work with! … get to know her!

—Matthew Skar, Cobalt Graphic Design.


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