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5 Things To Learn About Branding From “Dread Pirate Roberts”

We often think of a brand as a logo, a message, a movement, or a successful company. Sometimes, a brand is a person…or that person is the brand. Clear as mud? We thought a good pirate story this month might be a fun way to help relay our thoughts. Many of you may be familiar with the hit 80’s film… Read more →

6 Things You Need To Know About Automation

Automation. There’s something almost robotic about that phrase. Does it make you think of kicking-back in your recliner and sipping lemonade while your business runs itself? If that’s your idea of automation…well – I hate to break it to you, but guess again! Automation is a wonderful and powerful tool in the email marketing world as well. Yes, it can be… Read more →

Succession Plan….Seriously?

For entrepreneurs, start-ups or small businesses, the idea of a succession plan may seem laughable at first. “I’m a one-armed paper hanger just trying to survive,” they might say. And while, realistically, that may be true, it’s never too early to be aware of, and work towards, solid and smart forward thinking and planning. For those of you already set… Read more →