Their building was destroyed by the Nashville tornado…

but their business is still up and running and they can’t get the word out.


“You have health insurance, car insurance, and life insurance. Why would you not have digital insurance for your business?”


For those of you reading this blog, I doubt there is anyone unaffected by or unaware of the devastation our town experienced this past month. For the small business owner, there are things that you have to think about and deal with beyond those of the devastated homeowner.

Your business is your livelihood. And if your livelihood goes down, you don’t have many options to live well.

Recently, a small business in our area was deeply affected by the Nashville tornado. We reached out to them to see if they Nashville Tornado damageneeded assistance getting the word out about their status.

What we discovered was this: though their building had been entirely destroyed, the portion of the building where they transacted their business was still intact. All they needed was power and they would be up and running. 

The problem? They didn’t know how to get the word out.


How could that be? Check it out:

  1. Their computer had been destroyed in the Nashville tornado. Everything they had access to was in that one computer. 
  2. All passwords to their social media and email marketing had been stored in that computer as well, not in the cloud. Their passwords were located on that computer and they couldn’t remember them.
  3. There was no other way to access their online accounts! 
  4. They weren’t set up to receive business emails to their phones.
  5. They did not have the ability to post to their social media or their email marketing lists via their phone. (Businesses may not realize this, but if you’re properly set up you can control both simply with your phone.)


Nashville TornadoWe definitely had our work cut out for us to access their social media and email marketing accounts.

In time, we were able to work a little magic and get them up and running. We were also able to make sure the word got out that they were able to keep business moving forward while they cleaned up and rebuilt.

Ironically, about two years ago, our company created an emergency contingency plan with a focus to assist small businesses in preparation for such situations.

Those we serve – our clients – are already prepared and set up properly to avoid this situation.

All items in regards to social media, email marketing, and website are properly filed, archived, and backed up safely and accessible 24/7.

If you know a small business affected by the Nashville tornado, we’d like you to reach out to us and let us know! We’re offering free services to get them up and running and set up properly.

In the meantime, if you’re not sure of your contingency back up plan, give us a call. We can set you up quickly for a minimal fee that will leave you feeling safe and allow you to rest well at night. 

We are proud of how the Nashville community has come together. #NashvilleStrong is not merely a hashtag for a social post but rather something that we have seen in action and in reality. We are very proud to belong to and belong to this community.

Until next time…



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