What you need to know about online gaming.

If you have a gamer in your family or in your office, you know the power and the commitment that comes along with that form of entertainment. Gaming (video games, internet games, etc.) is a multi-billion dollar industry, which was only intensified by the COVID. Enter Roblox…the world’s most popular game as of this writing.

Heard of it yet? If not, you will…

Even though it’s been around since 2006, the latest global shutdown due to the pandemic did nothing but move this company and its product to the forefront. Roblox is a free download that allows millions of people to gather daily and imagine, create, and share experiences with each other with what is known as user-generated 3D worlds. Players access it via their smartphones, tablets, computers, Xbox One, and more.

As we head into the holidays, and kids have more time on their hands, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with this new term: immersive 3D worlds

And just what is/are immersive 3D worlds and why does it matter if you have children in your life? Check it out…

It’s all about social interaction.

Roblox allows players to meet and make new friends. Players cruise the world, online, and stop to “chat” with other players.
Guess what? There’s no moderator, no control, no age limits, and no vetting of players.

Sound a bit scary? It is.

Though certain security filters can be activated it still opens a door as an avenue for online predators. Granted, you can’t keep your children from predators 24-7, but it doesn’t hurt to stay as up to date as possible and to know via this information here that Roblox appeals to children under the age of 12.

ABC News reported in 2017 that one father in Britain upon discovering that his sons were obsessed was shocked to learn the avatars of his children were having virtual sex via the game.

How can I protect my kids?

You’ll want to do some research on potential blocks to Roblox from your children’s devices but doing so in a way that does not block other games they enjoy.

Do your homework if you have a Roblox fan in your sphere of influence. If anything be aware and do your part, as you are able. Awareness is where it all begins, and being in the know, is the key to preventing unnecessary dangers that lurk in the dark and beyond.

— Stephanie

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