The Great Cleansing: One Silver Lining to The Pandemic Dark Cloud

Spring Cleaning used to be something we tried to “get around to doing.”  Until now. This year, because of the pandemic, it’s mandatory. Worldwide.

For those of the Jewish persuasion, you’ll have a tendency to feel as if you all created that lovely tradition. And in truth, you kinda did. If you know your history, the Old Testament required that the Hebrew people clean house each Passover, due to law, and it required removing yeast, or leaven, if you will. [You can do your own research on that one while sequestered.] But for now, it’s all about the latest state of our union, if not our world.

Businesses, buildings, and homes have never been,

nor might they ever again be, as clean as they are this season.

The world went into a deep cleanse recently. And if anything, that has been one silver lining in this current impending dark cloud. Think about it…

We have been sanitizing:


  • Ourselves
  • Our homes
  • Our closets
  • Our desks
  • Our workplaces
  • Our places of interest
  • Our eateries
  • Our grocery stores
  • Our medical facilities
  • Our churches and synagogues
  • And much, much, more…

Quite the global washdown!

But it isn’t just the external clean up that’s been taking place…

Internally, we all have gone into warp speed mode whipping into place all policies, protocols, financial statements, books and more while creating communications and swiftly developing or updating contingency plans. Business models and hours of operation have pivoted overnight, while systems, once not even considered, have been thrown into place leaving us–where no man has gone before.

We truly are “cleaning up” from the inside out and from stem to stern.

Like you, we are all curious as to what this world will look like when the dust settles and the vaccines are available. What will we be? Who will we be? From the above list of items being reviewed and sanitized, I would have to say, I do indeed believe we will come out all the better. Cleaner, if at the very least.

What have you experienced during this pandemic adventure that you are proud of, or amazed by? What has your cleansing uncovered? We’d love to hear from you. Email our team at, and you might end up in the highlights of our next newsletter! Hey, a little free promotion never hurts, right?

Scrub-a-dub-dub and chat soon!


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