Tax Preparation Season: When You Love Us Most

During the year, we generally try to hold fast to our budgets. If you’re a small business or new venture, spending can be, well, just painful— unless there is a nice overflow. 


When it comes to our clients, we understand that. Writing those checks each month is a commitment. Happily, one that comes with a nice pay off in the end. What do I mean by that?


I can assure you there is one time of year those who partner with us are grateful for those branded sheets of paper that hit their inbox routinely requesting payment. Know when it is?


Tax Preparation preparation season


When it comes to gathering expenses for the itemized section of your taxes, our clients welcome the reminder of the investment they have made in their project, passion, or product during their with us.


And we love that too, but, we also eagerly remind them to not miss the other hidden gems in their inbox, folder or binder.


As we find ourselves racing into the end of the first quarter, tax preparation is very much upon us. Those of you who are pro-active might already be finished with that task. And good for you! 


tax preparation season receiptHowever, if you’re like most Americans during tax preparation, you find yourself scrambling to locate those precious receipts and the list of categories bearing safe “write-offs.” 


While most businesses have a line item for marketing, advertising, or promotion, many small businesses (or hobbies with a Schedule C) do not.


If you’re a small business, I would imagine you most likely have a tax specialist or someone who is able to assist you in tax preparation. Some of you may do them yourselves, and that is a valiant effort to be sure.


With that, here’s a quick checklist we share with our clients that you might find helpful with that last-minute push:


  • Fees for any online software you use like Dropbox, google drive, Gmail/G-Suite, Mailchimp, your website hosting fees, domain name renewals (and more)
  • Tracking your mileage to and from those coffees, networking events, and meetings (Have you heard of MapIQ app? We use it and love it! It tracks your trips as you drive!)
  • All the receipts for those coffees, lunches, and more
  • Did you bring us a gift? Don’t forget that receipt!
  • Office equipment purchases (computer, iPad, monitor, printer/copier, etc.)
  • Resource supplies – eBooks, magazines, subscriptions, seminars, Epiphany U classes, etc.
  • Memberships to clubs and/or networking groups
  • The wine or other beverage you bought to take with you to that networking event
  • Printing of your books and marketing collateral
  • Expenses for those speaking presentations you made
  • Updates to your computer and repairs 
  • Your QuickBooks, credit card, bank, and PayPal fees
  • Your cell phone bill
  • Percentage of home office space in regards to power bills, etc.
  • Office supplies (pens, paper, ink cartridges, stapler/staples, etc.)
  • And of course…don’t forget those invoices from Epiphany.


We would never venture to advise you tax-wise for your situation. However, if even one of the above simple reminders comes in handy, then you just made us smile.


Remember: Don’t be afraid to ask the big questions when it comes time to file your taxes.


woman holding money after tax preparation season

All of the above add up, and they are a great way to get a bit of tax savings when tax preparation season comes.


If you have suggestions or comments, please take a moment to post them below. We’d love for you to share your thoughts. You never know, you might just help out a colleague in need of the “one thing” they hadn’t thought of to date.





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