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It was a simple task. I figured I could do it myself and truth be told, I was doing ok. When it was all said and done, I knew deep down, this wasn’t my area of expertise. I was trying to save money. In the end, it was just a waste of precious time, energy, and resources. 

Why didn’t I just pick up the phone and call a pro? I guess because I felt up for the challenge and thought I was being prudent  by watching the budget.

I bet you can relate. This is a pretty typical scenario, especially if you’re someone who tends to run things or is often placed in charge. We are so used to doing things ourselves that we figure it will be a better deal if we just handle it. But in the end, the saying really is true: you get what you pay for.  In my case, I didn’t even pay— but I should have. And now, I will have to call in the pro anyway.

We truly do live in a pretty good DIY (do it yourself) world these days with our access to internet searches, YouTube videos and such.  As I like to tell our clients, “just because you own a riding lawn mower doesn’t mean you should be the one out there mowing the lawn.” (Unless of course it’s great therapy). A good leader delegates. Why? Because we should be doing what we do best. Our job is to stay in our wheelhouse and provide great service to those we are serving, or wish to serve. So, then why do we seem so determined to keep things on our plate that we need to off load? Human nature, I guess. Pride? The experience? It probably varies for each of us. 

In this new year, shouldn’t you and I begin to value our time, energy, and resources if anything just a bit more? It’s definitely a wiser investment. I would think, we can believe by now, that our time is worth money at this stage of the game. Therefore, we need to act on that.  We are the experts in our fields, so why venture off the beaten path? Let’s agree to commit, in this new decade, to stay with what we know, and work to find those who are good at what they do when we need a specialist. Join me?

What do you need off your plate that you’re struggling with?  If so, I’d love to hear from you.  

See you next month,



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