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Meet Your Book Sherpa

Your Book Sherpa, Stephanie, answers the Top 10 questions authors ask! Part 1 of 3


Score On Business Stephanie Huffman

Stephanie Talks about how authors sell their books. Part 2 of 3


Stephanie Huffman Score on Business

Stephanie talks authors and books Part 3 of 3



Thinking of writing a book? Started one but not sure where to begin? We understand.

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Feeling like you just want a bit more education before you begin? Epiphany U is for YOU!

Books we have helped bring to life!

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Created and designed with you in mind, students receive:

one-on-one sessions with Your Book Sherpa

Courses are 2-hour, in-person sessions

Two different tracks are offered

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In this Golden Age of Self-Publishing… it’s doable! If you know the formula—and we do. Our award-winning team is ready to help you move your book from concept to printed product and beyond.



Go For Orbit took home the Gold in the Autobiography/Memoir category at the 2016 IBPA awards.

Go For Orbit
by Astronaut Rhea Seddon
category at the
2016 IBPA awards
Production team:
Epiphany Creative Services, LLC
Independent Book Publisher's Awards

Ben Franklin Gold Award

At Epiphany U, we offer authors the laser targeted training in regards to the independent book publishing experience.

Our award-winning team provides you with the guidance and finesse that will prepare you to create and design a product looks like something right out of a New York publishing house.

Spearheaded by our CEO and founder, Stephanie Huffman, our curriculum comes in the form of in-person sessions, with specialists brought in at various levels and for specific deeper-level topics.




101 Courses cover:

  • Should I go with a publishing house or self-publish?
  • How long will the Author Journey take? What does each of the phases look like?
  • What is the process required for a powerful and sell ready Title, Sub-Title, and the Cover of my book?
  • What exactly is the formula of a professional looking product?
  • How do I begin to put together a budget and what should I expect to invest?
  • What does the production process look like and what are the options and pricing of a finished product?
  • Why should I set myself up as my own publisher? What does that mean and how does it work?
  • How do I get my book on Amazon?
  • What is the formula for getting my book on bookstore shelves?
  • How early do I begin promoting my book and what is the best strategy?

Author Journey 101

Our award-winning team provides authors with a proven blueprint for independent publishing with our Author Journey experience. Our proprietary formula promises quality equal to any New York publishing house.

Are you a new author? First book? Let’s start your journey with the Author Journey 101 track. Your customizable curriculum package could include:

New Author Preparation 101

Your first venture into publishing doesn’t have to be scary. This course
walks you step by step through the various stages of becoming a published author.

● Book Preparation 102

Welcome to the journey of becoming a published author! Learn our award-winning
formula to make your book look and read like a classic; straight out of a New York Publishing house.

● Book Production 103

The cover of your book is one of the most important parts of your project. Learn
our successful formula to craft your book’s custom design guided by your vision and executed by our
designers and production team.

● Book Printing 104

In this course, you will learn the many options available to authors and understand
pricing, materials, and processes.

● Pre-Sale Campaigns, Promotion, and Public Relations 105

The strategy you create begins before
your book is sent to the printer. We’ll walk you through our formula of how to begin selling your book
before you hold it in your hands.

● Placement, Presence, and Positioning 106

Decide exactly where and how you want your book to be
available and to whom. Learn how to best navigate those waters before you launch.

● Author Journey 107

All 101 level courses in one sleek package priced perfectly just for you! Purchase
entire curriculum and receive 10% discount.

Author Journey 201

Already an author? Is this your second book? Let’s take your next book to the next level with our extensive,
in-depth training of our Author Journey 202 curriculum. Your customizable coaching package could include:

● Author Preparation 201

Are you ready to take your next book to the next level? We’ll walk you through our
master plan to take your current project – or your next project – directly to next phase of the journey!

● Book Preparation 202

We’ll review your current or upcoming projects and begin building out your plan,
teach you how to avoid pitfalls, and establish your budget for your next vision.

● Book Production 203

Our award-winning book building formula walks you through how to upgrade your
current project and take your previous projects to that next level. Learn how to establish, energize, and
expand your brand.

● Book Printing 204

Learn the newest and latest elements available as you plan your upcoming project. This
course includes a trip to a local printer to personally walk you through the latest developments and

● Pre-Sale Campaigns, Promotion, and Public Relations 205

Did you know your previously published
books receive a 33% bump in sales when you publish a new title? Learn where and how you can prepare
your new book project and previous projects to ensure optimum success.

● Placement, Presence, and Positioning 206

Learn your options outside traditional retail! In this course, we
strategically target individuals, organizations, and resources to build successful relationships with resellers to
protect your investment.

● Author Journey 207

All 202 level courses in one sleek package priced perfectly just for you! Purchase
entire curriculum and receive 10% discount

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