Should I self publish?

Epiphany University is something we created when we realized that certain people who came to us just weren’t ready to take on routine services. They needed a little more time, they needed a little more information. So we created an author track and a business track, and we have two hour courses within each of those tracks that are designed to help them with an area they may have a question about, something they want more information on. And Epiphany U, Epiphany University, it’s all about you allows them to take those courses at their pace in any order they wish they can create their own program. And when they complete a course they receive a certificate but at the end of the day they may feel I’m now ready to make an educated decision I’m now ready to partner with Epiphany in a way that i couldn’t before, and we believe it sets them up for success, and we’ve enjoyed that program very much.

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