Nashville Tornado damage

Their building was destroyed by the Nashville tornado…

but their business is still up and running and they can’t get the word out.   “You have health insurance, car insurance, and life insurance. Why would you not have digital insurance for your business?”   For those of you reading this blog, I doubt there is anyone unaffected by or unaware of the devastation our town experienced this past… Read more →

Artisanal Branding

Artisanal Branding: Could it be for you? Each fall my grandparents would remind me that they met on the dance floor at their local grange. The refreshments were cider and donuts. On their anniversary (November 9) they would enjoy this simple annual treat and reminisce. Though this month generally doesn’t conjure up a craving for donuts, I have to admit, they were on my… Read more →

Wine, Women, and Wandering the Room

“He’s on the golf course, can I take a message?” A few situations of late have taught me what I now believe to be a strong and solid truth: men network over golf, women network over wine.  For years, people have joked about men golfing (or hanging out at sporting events)but; the fact is—it works. Somewhere between the 6th and… Read more →

Gen Z and What We’re Hearing

Why you’ll need that Millennial in your life…just about now. You’re just now feeling like you’re getting a handle on understanding that millennial in your world—and here comes Generation Z. If you aren’t familiar with them, it’s time to crash study. As of this past graduation season, they are entering the workplace and you’ll want to be ready. So why,… Read more →

Are you FOMO or JOMO?

If you’ve heard the terms FOMO and JOMO, you’ll find they’ve mostly been used in referring to people and social media usage. If you aren’t familiar with these terms, using my quadrupeds as examples might help to make this subject a bit more interesting. My black lab, Bosco, definitely suffers from FOMO, while my Great Pyrenees is the perfect summation… Read more →