Boy, am I glad I did that…

Boy, Am I Glad I Did That!

So, I took the plunge. Was the timing right? Not really. Was it truly where I wanted my precious dollars to go? Probably not. But was it worth it? Oh my, yes. I’ll explain.

First, I’ll tell you what I did, then, I’ll tell you why I did it. After that, I’ll share with you a key piece of advice I received a few years back that was actually quite life-changing.

If you’re a small business owner, you know it well. The never-ending to-do list that keeps calling out to you. (And it’s more like a whistling wind that just won’t stop.)

Besides that, if you or I can be making that one last call, crafting that one last text, or responding to that one last email—we will. Taking time for those things in your personal life, or simply getting to that one item you promised just continues to seem like the elusive dream. Best of intentions many times more than not get, well, the best of us.

With that, in Fall, I tore out my kitchen and ventured into a full remodel. Yes. Crazy. But it was just “time” to do it. I didn’t hire a connection or a friend. I hired professionals. Basically, I outsourced it. Still, it was painful and expensive. But I can honestly say,….”Boy, am I glad I did that!”

Realizing I had now improved my home’s resale value immensely, I then turned my attention to me personally. I crunched the numbers on meals I grab on the run (not to mention those that are too pricey and high calorie), along with the food I am embarrassed to admit I throw out (completely causing unneeded guilt), and I took another leap—I outsourced my meals.

Food now arrives at my door weekly. I unpack healthy, ready to prepare meals, I turn on the music, I cook, and I haven’t felt healthier or happier for who knows how long. Fabulous!


Now, why did I do it?
I think you can understand. As a small business owner, I’d rather invest my precious time and resources on my business and on bettering my life in areas that matter to me. I prefer to not spend time on things that have little return on investment (ROI), or, in fact, that someone other than me could be doing, and do well. Removing those items from my plate frees me to focus on the things that can help my business not only sustain, but grow.


But why, really, did I do it?
Because I could. I have been working hard over the last two years to outsource many of the things inside my business, that too, I didn’t need to be the one doing or handling. I was able to put a lovely team into place, train them, learn from them, and then it was that simple. On to the next level…


Now, it’s your turn.
It’s rarely the right time, or the right place, or the right price. Do it anyway!

One of the best pieces of advice I received was given to me during a time when I was feeling very overwhelmed. The word of wisdom that literally began to bring incredible change in my life and my business was this: millimeter shifts.

In other words, when your list is longer than you can get to or conceive, when the time is of the essence, when you just can’t focus on where to begin first or what to tackle next, then it’s time. Sit back, take a deep breath, and make just one tiny movement. One simple change.

It sounds so basic. But think of it like compounding interest perhaps: one tiny change or step at a time will get you moving, keep you moving and in time, get you much farther down the road than you ever imagined.

So how does this concept translate to your latest venture, product, project or passion? Here are a few tips…

1. Hire a professional.
Sure, your cousin’s nephew can do it. But should they? Really? Are they the best choice for you and your brand? Usually, the answer is no.

2. Pick one thing and go for it.
It doesn’t have to be a major project. Just grab one element, task or item, and make it happen. Set up a meeting. Get a price, and do it.

3. Don’t lock into a long-term agreement. Be honest and upfront. Let them know you are going for a trial period. Only you know what that looks like. It might be one month or 90 days, but set a date to revisit. Don’t commit up front to anything long term.

I’d love to hear from you about what item on your list you may have selected, and I look forward to hearing great things about your new commitment to outsourcing!

In the meantime, you know that if there’s anything we can do for you, we’d be honored if you’d give us a call.
We get it!
Happy New Year!

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