Just Say “Yes!”

Say ”Yes” to what gets you there.

Say “No” to what won’t.

I’ve been amazed at the number of people I’ve spoken with over the last few weeks that were quite vocal about their displeasure with the year 2018. It’s surprising that I have not, as of yet, had someone offer up to me that they had a glowing year. (But I’m all ears if you did!)

With that, know that I am encouraged. As this new year begins, I’ve noted much more positive conversations. People seem hopeful. The New Year has a way of doing that.

Pondering this gift of a fresh start during the holiday break, as I organized and reviewed my strategy and plans for 2019, a thought crossed my mind. One of those loud and clear thoughts that you know is meant for you and you alone. But then, I realized that I really wanted to share it with you.

So, exactly what was that thought?

It was simply this: “Say ‘Yes’ to what will get you there, and ‘No’ to what won’t.”

What does that truly mean, you might ask? I asked the same thing. Here is what I determined:

Saying “No” to eating that dessert tonight will keep me on track for my weight loss or better eating plan goals. Saying “Yes” to taking a walk after dinner—that will get me to the goal.

Saying “No” to buying those daily lattes (at $4.95 a pop coming to approx. $138.60 monthly), or that expensive pair of shoes or bag, that I just have to have, while wishing I could pay off my credit card bill this month won’t be the best decision. Saying “Yes” to the coffee pot at home, or to perhaps simply ordering regular coffee, or holding off on that purchase will get me closer to that statement pay now amount.

Saying “No” to delaying getting organized and ready for my taxes won’t make life better next month. Saying “Yes” to simply pulling those boxes or those files out into plain view and starting to take small steps each week will knock out a bit at a time.

It’s not really about saying “No.” It’s about saying….”Yes.”

These examples may seem mundane and ordinary, but those moments of “Yes” are the small things that will get us to big results.

Going to the gym one day won’t drop those 10 pounds, yet having said “Yes” and going— that’s an investment toward the goal.

This year, what can you catch yourself saying “Yes” to that will get you to the goal? Rather than focusing on the “No,” focus on the “Yes.”

In your business, what have you been saying “No” to that you should be giving a “Yes” to instead? For example, are you still trying to do it all, and not outsourcing or delegating because you truly believe you are saving money? Are you doing things yourself because you think you will increase your revenue or margin? As true as that might feel when you look at it on paper, has that decision truly helped to take you to the next level, or closer to the end goal in your financial plan or your business?

As you look back, what do you think you could have, should have, said “Yes” to last year that perhaps you didn’t? The good news is this: you can start this year off by owning and implementing that “Yes” now.

If you’ve been wanting to get that blog going, or finally write that book, if you noticed your website is a bit outdated, or if you’ve felt your brand isn’t quite connecting with your target audience, we’d love to be the team you say “Yes” to—soon.

What are you waiting for? Really? Connect with us today. And let’s work together towards getting you closer to where you want to be—THIS year.

Here’s to a wonderful 2019!


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