6 Things You Need To Know About Email Marketing

emailEmail marketing! Does that excite you…or make you want to take a nap? It should energize you. There’s lots of hype about tweets, posts, and photos, but the bedrock of communicating with your clients or fans is the good ol’ email list.

Don’t believe us? Read on. We’re sharing six things you need to know about email marketing and how it can grow your business.

  1. Your email is more powerful than your social media

It’s great to have fun with your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn accounts. (There’s nothing wrong with that; social media is a great tool!) But here are the facts:

  • Pretty much anyone and everyone using the Internet has to have an email account. (Think about it: you have to have an email to create a Facebook account.)
  • One study predicts there will be 4.9 billion email users by the end of this year (2017)
  • Facebook and Twitter aren’t always your buddies unless you play their game. New algorithms may be limiting the reach of your posts unless you run ads with the companies. (That’s another topic for a future blog post!)
  • Anyone on your email list is guaranteed to receive that message (barring an occasional bounce), and they can open that email and see exactly what you’re preaching or selling.

2. You have to start (or continue) building your e-list

Do you have an e-list? You need one, believe me. Based on the data, this is the most effective and reliable way to communicate with your target audience. How do you create one? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Create a sign-up form on your website. (And don’t forget to the share the link occasionally on your social media!)
  • Take a tablet or a paper form with you to your events (book-signing, open house, tour, etc. etc.) and invite your guests or customers to sign-up.
  • Did you have a business meeting with a potential client? Put them on your e-list. Lunch with a colleague? Ask if they’d like to receive your newsletter. (Most friendly folks won’t say “no.”)

3. Your fans sign-up to hear from you

Think about it… Everyone who types in their email, writes it down for you, or says “sure, send me your newsletter” wants to hear from you. That means there’s something magnetic about you, your product, or your company that draws them. They want to hear your message…and remember—the best, and most reliable way to get your message to them—is email.

Here are a few more things to consider about your fans, audience, clients:

  • They’re probably curious. What’s it like behind at your office? What do you do for your lunch hour if your a self-employed author? What amazing things did you see on your recent business trip? Answer their curiosity, “be human,” and do it in a way that advances your brand. Tell them about, or show them, your company and products.
  • Give them the inside scoop. Make the member of your e-list the very first people to hear your big news about that new product or event! (Even before you post to social media…)
  • Email frequently. (We have tips for that later in the article.)

4. You’ll need to decide what you’ll send

What fits your brand and your goals? Answering some basic questions like this will help you get on the right track with emails. There’s a pretty good chance you’ll need a mix of email styles, but some companies are okay with one format or combining multiple styles to create your own unique look and tone.

These are a few styles of emails that are great for businesses connecting with their tribe:

  • Newsletters
  • Holiday messages (traditional or non-traditional days – be creative!)
  • Big news release (think: “Extra, extra – read all about it!”)
  • Sales and promos

5. You’ll be able to track your successes

When you’re looking for a system to design, send, and automate your business emails, you’ll want to be sure that platform has tracking. There are different levels of email tracking – from the very basics (how many people opened the email) to demographic analytics. You need to track your emails’ successes and challenges.

A few things you’ll start to learn:

  • Best days to send messages to your fans/clients
  • What styles and designs work well and promote sales

6. You need automation to stay relevant

Now…are you ready? For the BIG SECRET… You’ve read why email is so important. You’ve been introduced to the idea growing e-lists, email styles, and tracking. Now…


Just a ten letter word containing so much potential. Automation is how you’ll be able to send a welcome email when someone subscribes to your e-list. Automation is how you’ll be able to occasionally share links to your best blog posts from years past. Automation is how you’ll keep putting your message and your latest services and products in front of your customers at precise moments in their journey with you and your company. People come in and out of your list at different times, and you want all of them on the same page. Automation is your up-to-speed, educational tool. And…automation takes your company to the new level of communications…and sales.

What to know a lot more about this “secret” tool? Stay tuned for next month’s blog post: 6 Things You Need To Know About Automation. Or reach out to Epiphany Creative Services’ knowledgeable staff. We are ready to guide you through all the nuances of email marketing.

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