Do You Know Where Your Email List Is?

What would you do if your email list was suddenly hacked or missing?


It was a normal Monday morning. The usual routine. Once checking the project management system for that day we noticed the ping to begin working on one particular Client’s email for the month. 


When we accessed the usual logins, we were informed upon attempted entry that the account for the client simply didn’t exist. What?!


Just an internet thing…we thought at first. But as the day wore on, we knew something was very wrong. How could an account we had managed for 6 years suddenly be just…gone! We were very relieved to know this was nothing that had been done on our end, but the panic set in nonetheless. Could the Email Service Provider (i.e: Mailchimp, Emma, etc.) come through on their end? Would they be able to restore it? And what about the client’s email lists? They were in that account!


As we worked with the company to try and provide the information they needed in order to confirm we were legitimate questioners (fortunately all secure and confidential information to confirm was in our very well kept and archived records), they were sad to report that they were having “a bit of trouble even locating the account.”


Again, what?!!!

How could a company of that magnitude, in these cyber crime times not have a backup of a six year plus account? We were stunned. Horrified. Fortunately, we had a back up of the client’s nearly 2,000 email addresses list in our database. But still, all that work and those campaigns potentially…gone. We had the list, we could rebuild the templates, we had the metrics, but still…Even though we knew we could start over, it would take some work. And none of us needed that.


We realized then, how many folks out there simply don’t realize that their email list in Constant Contact, Emma or Mailchimp (or other) could disappear overnight or at any minute. And if they don’t back it up periodically, they could be in some serious trouble.


Think about it. You probably add names and addresses each month to your list, if not even more frequently. That is a fresh list! And when you send email campaigns, it scrubs out those addresses no longer working, in addition to the email addresses of those who have unsubscribed. It’s a very current and healthy list.


But if that account were to be compromised, and not recovered, the question is, do you have a plan in place? Do you know where your email list really is? The latest and greatest version, we mean?


Moments like these show whether a company has taken the time to put the proper protocols and precautions into place.


Let’s face it. We’re all busy. And we know that you’re busy. And that’s why Epiphany is here. 


If you aren’t sure that your email list is secure and backed up periodically, we’d love to remedy that situation for you. It’s a simple process and one that is not pricey or painful. Even if it was, it would be worth it, right?


In this scenario, the client was never notified until after the situation was resolved. They slept well each night due to our protocols, and were never bothered by us or had to worry. It was all taken care of. 


Now that’s an investment that is worth its weight in gold. 


Shouldn’t you invest to protect your company in the same manner? You’re worth it, and so is that business! You’ve spent too much time, energy, and resources to lose ground. And we busy-bee business owners certainly don’t need another worry on our already overflowing plate.


Reach out to us today. The process takes less than an hour and you can sleep even better tonight.


We look forward to hearing from you soon!


— Stephanie


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