If You’re Considering Social Media, Read This First.

Who am I? Where am I going? What am I doing? Questions like these have been termed “great questions of life.” While it’s important to consider them on the lifetime scale, it’s also crucial to ponder the questions and your own answers as you begin your journey with social media.

Social media can seem daunting and mysterious, especially for businesses and entrepreneurs who might not be well-versed in the options. After-all, how do analytics and algorhythms play into a marketing and social media strategy? Shouldn’t emails, ads, blog posts, and other modern forms of communication be pleasing to the eye? How is a social media campaign planned and implemented? Is it really just as simple as making a social media account and posting? Isn’t posting, just that…posting? Being seen? Not exactly.

At Epiphany Creative Services we begin by talking with a new client. Yes—the good, old-fashion communication skill of friendly conversation is the first step before social media postings and strategies. Meetings, Q&A, and conversation establish clear understandings between us and our client (you!) for the future social media accomplishments.

Some of our favorite questions to begin the conversation are:

  1. Are you a service oriented business?

  2. If so, are the products you sell tangible?

  3. Are they available only through you, other channels, or both?

  4. Can they be purchased in a brick and mortar setting, via a website, or, your office only?

  5. Is your customer a consumer or a professional?

Often when we begin asking those questions, our client begins to realize they may need to ask some questions internally before sending us happily on our way to achieve their goal.

And that goal? Conversion of sale.

A company or business is a brand. Yes. And branding is critical. It involves clear messaging, tone of message, unified images and also supports the brand and message, and so much more. However, the true end goal is to close some kind of deal and/or to make some kind of sale. And that can be a challenge. Clients usually expect return on investment (ROI) from social media presence and posting, which can be a tall order for us to fill. Why?

Because a social media post is not your sales team. It can’t close the deal of a sale like a person-to-person contact can. A post is unable to force the person to click the “BUY” button on your website or to hand over their credit card number.

So, why should you even invest in social media? It’s very simple.

  1. When considering a purchase, people check out your social media (as well as your website). They want to know if you are current, relevant…and even “there.”

  2. They want to see if you fit them. Does your tone, image voice connect with them? And too, does it draw them in, causing them to want to know more?

  3. Does your social media have a true and clear call to action? Not only are you asking for the sale – are you clearly explaining the product that is for sale?

These may seem to pose more questions than when you started reading, and, if that is the case—great! Mission accomplished.

Before you spend one dollar on social media, truly understand these questions:

  • Am I on the correct social media channels?

  • Why am I there?

  • Who am I truly trying to reach?

  • How am I strategically working to reach them?

  • What do I want them to do?

  • Am I clearly describing my product or service?

  • Am I creating desire for my product or service?

  • Is there a call to action that drives to a conversion of sale?

  • Have I created an environment that makes the customer want to return or to connect directly with me?

Sometimes the greatest challenges of life are answering “simple” questions. Honestly. Always considering that your answers, even if you need to take time to think about it, will affect you, your business, and – ultimately – your sales and profits.

If you feel you can answer these questions, or at least even begin to discuss them and work through them…Congratulations! You are ready to invest in Social Media.

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