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The Top 5 Ways to Gain Followers

Have you ever seen those commercials that say the testimonials are not paid actors, but you secretly know that’s a total lie? Well here’s a real testimony from yours truly. We promise—no paid actors here!

This month, Epiphany Creative Services Team member, Ally Otey, shares her tips on how she bumped Epiphany followers by 51% in 60 days!

At Epiphany, we are always trying to up our follower numbers as well as those of our clients. Whether it’s on FaceBook, Twitter, or blog subscriptions, it’s always one of our quarterly goals.

After months of testing different strategies, we have nailed down 5 simple techniques that have proven successful for us (we increased our twitter following 51% in just 60 days!) Don’t believe us?…Try them out for yourself. We promise you won’t regret it! #YOLO

  1. Post consistently. Randomness and spontaneity are great for personality types, but when it comes to social media, followers need consistency. Have a schedule and stick to it. This isn’t a crash diet, this is a lifestyle. Your followers need to be “trained” in a way to expect your posts. At Epiphany, we post M-F at 8:00am. With. Out. Fail. But we don’t stop there. Posting in addition to your daily routine is encouraged. If you’re doing something exciting—post it. If you’re doing something different—post it. If you find a perfect-for-your-followers quote that is relevant to your brand—post it.
  2. Post links. (Or images. Or links with images.) Whatever it is, have something for people to see and to click on. People love links, and the truth of the matter is this—sometimes 140 characters is just not enough! So get #clickhappy and have more depth to your posts.
  3. Follow others. Gotta give some, to get some. This is true for a lot of things—especially social media. We’ve all heard the term “common curtesy”, right?  Think of following as a give-and-take, a tit-for-tat, if you will. When you follow others, they follow back!
  4. Hashtag, hashtag, hashtag…then hashtag again! Is it proper email protocal to send an email without a subject line?! Um… no! The same goes for social media posts. Hashtags are the subject lines of social media. It’s also a way to have fun with your post. Get creative! At Epiphany we even like to hashtag hashtag…catchin’ our drift? #hashtag
    FREE eBook on Social Media

    FREE eBook on Social Media

  5. Almost obnoxiously promote, but not too obnoxiously! What do we mean? We mean that you should have your social media information on everything from your business cards to website, to rack card…it’s best practice to have it visible and available anywhere possible! So, update your biz cards and have a link to ALL your social media on your website. How do you think you are going to get followers if you don’t promote how and where to find you?!

And, as a gift to those of you who made it to the end of our blog, we’ve created a FREE Social Media eBook just for you! Click and download today!  #goodstuff


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