The Imposter Syndrome

We The People…Fake it ’til you make it

There’s a new term buzzing around and if you haven’t already become familiar with it, you will want to catch up. It’s garnering such attention that lifestyle coaches are even selling their sessions and expertise on the matter by the droves.

It’s a bit reminiscent of what it must have felt like for that crafty group of colonials who stuffed themselves into a steaming hot room in Philadelphia plotting and planning against the most powerful kingdom on earth. While they were mustering up the courage to have the audacity to declare independence from this sovereign power, they were practicing this one exact trait…Faking it until they figured it out!

Today, they’re calling it The Imposter Syndrome.

And what does that mean exactly?

Well, it’s basically the fear of someone pulling back the curtain on your business, venture, or other only to find that the Wizard of Oz isn’t who people thought. It’s all been a sham with a lot of smoke and mirrors to get you where you are, and, truth be told, you aren’t even close to where you want to be and you haven’t quite figured that out either. Whew! You get the idea.

But isn’t that what it’s all about? Entrepreneurialism and small business? Taking a passion, just like our forefathers did, and basically burning the ships. Simply refusing to settle for defeat and finding a way to make it work. It is in my humble opinion. When I started out in my business I was scared, clueless as to the path I would take and simply dug in and worked like the dickens. I knew I had what it took, I just needed to get some time under my belt. I wonder, has it been the same with you?

Next time you panic with the syndrome, stop, take a moment to reflect, and realize you are not the first, nor will you be the last, to wonder if you’re going to be “found out” before you catch that brass ring. I believe in you, and obviously, so does your current team, customer, or client, or you wouldn’t be where you are right now. So chin up!

With that, here’s to the scrappiest band of merry men who brought about a nation that would afford us the luxury of…worrying about being found out!

— Stephanie

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