What Are You Waiting For?

epiphany creative servicesIs life leading you down the path, or are you strategically navigating it as you go?

I love to read. In the car. Yes, it’s true. But you can relax—I do my reading via audio books.

The three books I’ve read most recently seem to all be screaming at me, “What are you waiting for?” So, I am taking a serious look at my life and giving thought to making a list, and then doing something about it!

There are so many things I have considered and yet continue to put off until “the future.” Some are because I say to myself: I just can’t get to it now or, I just don’t want to invest that kind of money —just yet. But deep inside, I know what I need to be doing next.
So, you can imagine my surprise when a future client and I were sitting down to chat and I actually heard the exact same words coming out of my client’s mouth.

epiphany creative servicesAs he sat across from me, you could see his head was spinning. He was working through the many thoughts that were swirling there as we hashed out his situation and vision. Then, he suddenly exclaimed, “Good grief, I mean, really!” His hand hit the table, and he followed it with, “What am I waiting for?”

We had been talking about his newest venture, his current thriving business, and the upcoming project he’d been putting off. Reason? He had refused to reach out for help due to timing, budget, bandwidth… you get the idea.
That’s when I said, “How many successful people are doing it alone?”
He stopped and stared at me. Then, solidly answered, “None.”
That’s when he had his Epiphany moment.
“I need a team,” he blurted out.
I smiled and responded…
“We all do.”

Why? Because it’s just true. None of us can do it all alone. None of us knows everything. And even if we do, should we be doing everything? By ourselves?

If getting to that next level is what you really want, you’re going to have to bite the bullet. Go ahead and open up your wallet. Begin to delegate some of those items you have been so determined to keep on your plate.

Successful people, or people that have taken their business or project to the next level, know this truth very well — it takes a village. And it takes experience: those who have been there, have the skills, and know what they are doing.
If you want it done and done right, engage people who know how to help you get to where you want to be.

For example: it’s true. I want a beach house. Now, I can choose to believe that goal is never going to be possible, but telling myself that is actually a falsehood. If you or I truly want something, we will find someone who can help us make it happen, some way, somehow. It may not come to fruition exactly the way we imagined it

If you have ever read The 4-hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss, or any other books in this vein, you know what I’m talking about. There are many messages touting the “think it, envision it, attain it’ concept. And that’s fine, but what I have enjoyed most about this particular book is that the author goes beyond that thinking and explains what “lifestyle design” is and what it really means.

Let’s take a quick look at you. Yes, you. Is the lifestyle you are leading at this moment best for you? Is it healthy? Is it sustainable? Could it be better? If the answer is, “Yes, it could be better,” my encouragement to you is this: What are you waiting for?
Even if you take one baby step, do it. Make that one phone call. Take a moment to Google that information you need. Set up that meeting over coffee—you know you can move in that new and desired direction! Remember, you can’t take any ground without some forward movement.

As we look towards the coming spring, what seeds of thought can you consider planting and nurturing now? There is no perfect time, never enough money, and rarely the right amount of resources. Like Nike has taught us… Just do it.

What is it that you’re waiting for? Do something, now!
I can’t wait to hear about your journey. It’s going to be a good one; I just know it!

Why not let the Epiphany team be of service to you? We’d love to help you design and build your plan. We’re always up for the journey! See you soon.

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