Will You Really “Unplug” For The Holidays?

We get it. You truly want to unplug this holiday season and you’re planning on it. But the real question is not “will you”… it’s can you?

If you’re a small business owner (or even a faithful employee) it can be hard to catch a break. Perhaps the thought of the holiday season excites you…or perhaps it raises unwanted stress as you mentally review that checklist of the upcoming shopping, family gatherings, and additional tasks for work to get ready for the holiday sales and specials.

In this wonderful modern age, are we truly capable of unplugging our phones and computers, feeling assured that everything can and will run seamlessly without our attention every waking moment? At Epiphany Creative Services, we say “it’s possible.” And here’s our number one reason:


That’s right. Write those emails. Schedule those social media posts. Prepare those Facebook ads. Schedule that blog. Make a note on your calendar so you’ll remember to check-in for any responses and to fill orders (if you sell a physical product). Then kick back and watch some football for Thanksgiving. “Haul out the holly” and trim the tree. Enjoy a peaceful evening kindling the lights on the menorah.

Nirvana begins here…

So, how does one begin to achieve this nirvana-type of holiday bliss at your business? We’ve found five details that are important:

  1. Planning: know your business strategy for the holiday season inside and out. If you don’t get ahold of that now, the holidays will take off like a horse at a gallop dragging you behind.
  2. Realistic Goals: November and December might not be the best time to learn a new software system, or it might be the perfect season— it all depends on your particular selling cycles and style.
  3. Implementation: make sure all your marketing tools are operating properly and make sure that your plan is well-prepared and scheduled appropriately.
  4. Trust: believe your team (or believe yourself); the plan will work so don’t worry about it while carving  the turkey
  5. Walk Away: no, we don’t mean give up. We mean turn off your computer and put your phone on vibrate or airplane mode. You or your team have worked hard to make the holiday season a “stress-free” success. Enjoy it!

Here at Epiphany Creative Services, we’ve started a tradition to close the office and unplug in the week between Christmas and the New Year. We begin our end-of-year planing in August and we stick to it. Why? As a team, we’ve found five positive reasons to take a little break:

  1. To enjoy the holidays with family and friends
  2. To plan and reorganize for the coming year
  3. To find rest and rejuvenate (digital marketing and branding takes a lot of “brain power”)
  4. To dream up new ideas so we can serve you better
  5. To allow space in our tired brains to allow the creative juices to flow back in (as you may know, creative minds need a chance to “play” and innovate in order to stay fresh and relevant.)

We hope we’ve inspired you to thoroughly prepare your business and enable yourself to take a little break for the holidays. It may seem like it’s too late, but it’s not—if you act now. I

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The E-Team!

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