The Techliterati: An Old Club With New Members

Prior to March, many of us were still holding out on some technological options that we had access to, but just perhaps weren’t interested in understanding or willing to take the time to learn. The Great Quarantine has now changed all that. We’ve become tech-literate.



Whereas before those around us may have sounded like they were speaking code talking TikTok this, or grocery store app that, those dreaded Zoom Meetings, FaceTime and more, we now find we have not only experienced them but can pretty much navigate when they appear in mundane conversations. There was no time to dip our toe into those uncharted waters, we dove into the deep end and learned to not only survive, but swim! 


Online and cell phone style communications crashed into our businesses’ lives overnight like a tidal wave and we woke up to find life as we knew it had washed out with the tide.


If we were looking for a silver lining to this Pandemic storm cloud, then becoming tech-literate has been one of those very good things.


tech-literatePeople who once would not text or download an app now do so with a sense of pride if not ease. Those who didn’t want to try FaceTime found it a blessing and businesses who had been operating old-school suddenly learned how to ZOOM and keep the pipelines flowing.


Those many tools that had been available to us for quite some time have now become a  part of our everyday lives. And I doubt highly, if we had the chance, that we’d go back to the way things were. 


Welcome, all of us, globally to the Technology Century. 


Talk about a learning curve. 


I was mesmerized by the Baby Boomers generation who found themselves determined to learn new ways and how to make things work for them. And, truth be told, I think most of them are not only proud of themselves, they are enjoying speaking this new language with their colleagues, friends, and family members.


What once appeared to be a foreign language known only to the tech elite became accessible to the average citizen. And that mysterious tech-literate club suddenly opened to all and was accessible to the world. Another flattening of humanity and culture on our planet.


Looking back at what we have accomplished as a society is rather amazing. Think about the tech features that have become part of our everyday lives and that we now find common:


  • Amazon prime orders and deliveries 
  • Apps
  • Curbside ordering and pick uptech-literate
  • Duo
  • Face Time
  • Hulu 
  • Netflix 
  • Texting
  • YouTube channels



Just to name a few. 


Trying to explain this time to those who come after the COVID, or who were too young to understand, will find they simply don’t share that very unique bond that will tie us all together, from country to country for the rest of our lives. As much as it has been difficult, there is a sense of awe that we will share when we speak of this time years down the road.  


With that, here’s to our persistent ingenuity and our never-give-up spirit. Here’s to having something to relate to with anyone we meet that lived to tell until the time we leave this earth.


I am so proud to be part of this era and of what we have accomplished. And I am fortunate to be able, like you, to have lived to tell.


— Stephanie


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