VIP Client Reception & Holiday Kick Off.

Epiphany hosted the first annual VIP Client Reception and Holiday Kick off. A lovely time was had by all. Good food, great location and even better conversation and connections. We had a great night and are so pleased to hear our clients did as well…

SUPER party – wonderful folks, location, food & fellowship. Thanks to you, Ally & Roy for getting the sampler out on time.–  Astronaut Rhea Seddon

Had a great time, was introduced to awesome people and was reminded of the bad*** you are.– Cara Graham (Co-owner, Lockeland Table)

Hip location, great food and atmosphere, good conversation. Thanks for a lovely evening. – Roy Roper

It was great meeting so many people and getting to enjoy Lockeland Table.  It was like meeting your family and I felt honored to be there. – Ruth Smith

I enjoyed meeting everyone tonight. You did a really nice job planning and hosting it. – Paul Pike

Just wanted to say thank you for the event Tue. night. Very classy, and I love how you broke up the introductions into segments. It was great meeting your Mom and Ally. Thanks again for all your help. I couldn’t have gotten through the process as well without you and your team. – Kurt Kirton

Wonderful event. Thanks so much for the invite. – Greg Long

You can be assured it was well worth the drive up from Franklin...- John Scoble

Thanks for the party. It was a lot of fun. – Stew Ross


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